Pesto of fresh grass to the lemon

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Taking advantage of the last leaves basil before the cold takes them! Pesto is surprising easy to prepare while you respect the proportions between fruits droughts, fresh small leaves and olive oil… when the basil finishes I will prepare it with tender leaves of spinach. And using this same formula I make a pâté of tomatos droughts to the sun that you die. I already warn to you when the prescription raises.
I, by economic reasons, almost never throw pinions to pesto, ground to even replace them by nuts and sunflower seed that has multitude of nutritional properties and gives good flavor. As far as the cheese I choose one without curdle animal, generally a smooth cheddar, other times use nutritional leavening with which that quesoso flavor but with a slight digestion is obtained. You do not limit yourself to take this pesto with it grazes, greases it on bread, tortitas of rice or takes it from appetizer with crudités of season… mmmn you!
His she is that you also send yourself to the adventure of pesto, I I have done it with beets and until brócoli, you test and combines until giving with your ideal formula, and soon me the accounts, ok?


50 grs of nuts
1/3 of compressed good cup of leaves of perforated basil
1/4 of compressed good cup of pricked leaves of fresh parsley
1/4 of compressed good cup of pricked leaves of fresh coriander
1 teaspoon of leaves of fresh thyme
1/4 of cup (85ml) of virgin olive oil
2-3 nosey spoonfuls (40-60 ml) of lemon juice
3 nosey spoonfuls of nutritional leavening or cheese without curdle (parmesan or cheddar)
1/2 teaspoon of coffee of Asafétida
1/2 salt teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper just ground

It directly crushes the nuts in a mill or in your processor of foods.
It adds the fresh grass and it crushes until obtaining a smooth puree.
Without extinguishing the processor, a thread throws olive oil of constant way until 85ml finish.
It adds to salt, pepper, asafétida, the juice of lemon and the nutritional leavening or cheese parmesan.
It returns to ignite the machine and you do not extinguish until obtaining a homogenous mixture.

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  1. Rosi Herrero June 20, 2016 AT 3:02 p.m. - Reply

    Instead of to use cheese or leavening, also you can use Noni, this fruit is a superfood with great nutritional, therapeutic and medicinal properties.
    The asafétida one has to cook to eliminate its disagreeable scent, I suppose that also you use it to harness the scent/flavor to cured cheese. Once kitchen tastes that remembers to a garlic mixture, onion, small onion. In India the Jainistas use much, since they are vegetarian, but in addition, they cannot take garlic nor onion.
    When using Noni I would eliminate the asafétida one or she would previously cook it in the olive oil some minutes, until she dismisses a nice aroma.
    I do not know why they insist on using the Noni in juices, when replacing tofu or mixed with him as delicious things can be done as this pesto. I use it as substitute vegano in prescriptions that take cheeses cured as the parmesan, the inhabitant of La Mancha, camenbert or blue cheeses. The fillets of Wheat gluten with a white sauce of Noni are most similar to a steak to the Roquefort. It proves that white sauce when you make lasagna, cannelloni or stuffed berengenas to the furnace, simply spectacular, will not realize of which you replaced the cheese by this fruit.

    • Sara July 12, 2016 AT 3:15 p.m. - Reply

      this way noni is little, but, if you like thus, ahead!

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