Cream of Brócoli

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While it is not warm, I itself having dinner cremitas of vegetable, our harvest of brócoli this year have been spectacular so this soup has become one of the favorites at home. Nutritious, rich and easy to digest, he satisfies the requirements of a perfect ayurvédica dinner. Brócoli, like the rest of crucíferas vegetables dosha is very good to maintain kapha balanced during the winter, rains and the humid weather affect to the people with tendency to the excess of kapha and it can take to the passivity and the stagnation to you. Before you pass, includes some vegetables of this family in your diet and you will see the difference, as the nature is wise, almost all the crucíferas vegetables are indeed of winter: cauliflower, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, sharp schools of Brussels, small leaves as the mustard or the rúcola, the radishes, rabanitos- already you are made the idea.
This cream of brócoli is fast and easy to prepare, there is one that shreds cheese to him when serving above, perfect if dressing gown in your constitution predominates, accompanies it by a little bread if you have much appetite.


2 nosey spoonfuls of ghee or vegetal oil
1/2 asafétida teaspoon of
500 grs of brócoli cut in small branches
1 cut great potato in cubes
a nut pinch nutmeg
salt and pepper to the pleasure
1/2 liter of water


It warms up ghee or the oil in a pot median, retires it of the fire and adds the asafétida one, turns the pot so that the asafétida one loosen its aroma but it is not burned.
It throws potatoes to the pot and returns to put it on the fire. Remove them, that is covered well with asafétida and they are gilded.
When the potatoes almost are done, it adds brócoli, the nut nutmeg and sufficient water to cover vegetables. Remove it everything and you cover the pot.
As soon as brócoli is tender, it extinguishes the fire and goes it everything to you while it follows hot until obtaining a cream smooth, if it is too thick, perhaps adds to more hot water and a little more salt.

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    hello I am of Costa Rica and encontrado.asafetida it isn't possible to be aser without that thanks?

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      yes, clearly. richer with…

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