Verduritas skipped to the wok


And so I like the Asian flavors, she surprises to me that more prescriptions of this type have not put you. When I skip verduritas and I serve them with wheat or rice noodles saracen, tenth that our food is Chinese… in Beijing will be laughed, but we he likes each crisp bite with flavor to ginger, sesame, tamari and my homemade mixture of species five spice. This plate I prepare it mainly when I walk bad of time because the baking of vegetables is super short and the noodles become faster than a rice. Although there am it here including, we eat little tofu, because I avoid foods packagings and I have never taken the time to do it at home. The soybean is quite heavy and fries, which does not feel to me well and you can include other protein sources, the flavor enchants to me which they just give some peanuts toasted positions to last hour on the plate so that they follow crisp.

From the ayurvédico point of view, some vegetables little cooked will be more arduous to digest and can raise dressing gown, nevertheless when ripening with ginger we helped the processing of foods. Tomato this prescription as a reference nothing else and experiments with the vegetables that you like more, is everything an art of the wok, but I cook in a normal and current deep frying pan and use my Chinese instinct: I am placing vegetables by hardness order, ripen to the Eastern thing and little… it is more easy to change the nationality to your vegetables if you use the correct species.

1 nosey spoonful of toasted sesame oil
1 teaspoon of five spice
1/2 salt teaspoon
1 nosey spoonful of cut fresh ginger in bastoncitos
1 handful of cabbage cut in uniform slices
1 handful of mange tout
1 handful of carrots cut in bastoncitos
1 handful of brócoli in small pieces
1/2 teaspoon of tamari or sauce of soybean
3 spoonfuls of crude peanuts or 150 grs of tofu signs cut in daditos.


It warms up the wok or deep frying pan to average fire.
Sesame oil throws.
It adds five spice and immediately afterwards it throws the cabbage to the frying pan, raises the fire stop and it mixes.
It throws ginger, mange tout and the carrots.
You do not stop tossing around it everything.
It adds to salt and brócoli.
Tamari throws.
Mix it everything and pon the cover to the low frying pan and the fire to means.
Delay 5 minutes or until the vegetables are to your taste (in my house brócoli and the carrots must be al dente).

On the other hand it toasts the peanuts in a hot frying pan until they are gilded. Throw them upon vegetables when serving.
If it bases to use tofu, it warms up the frying pan, it adds 1/2 sesame oil teaspoon and once it warms up, tofu throws. Skip it until it takes a doradito color and you add it to the rest of vegetables.

It serves to this plate with Eastern rice or noodles.

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