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First Plate

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Inmunizante soup

This soup has as it bases a good dose of white pepper (it itches more than the black since the skin has cleared him) but also you will feel the shocks

Salad of Buds of Soybean

The ideal is to germinate the green soybean or lentils only enough mung, that only shows the buds because thus they maintain the flavor astringent and they will follow crisp.

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Plato Principal

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Pilaf de Quinoa

Quinoa contributes protein, it does not have gluten and it is of the few vegetal foods that contain the 9 essential amino acids, in addition is a good source of fiber, magnesium,

Cauliflower Korma style

The style “Korma? is of Mogol influence, that is to say that is a fusion of the Turk-Persian kitchen with the one of India, nowadays many typical plates

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irresitible sponge cake

Most interesting of this sponge cake it is that he is VERY RICO, the fact that does not take gluten and is vegano are extra interesting, I do not deny it, but

Stuffed dates to the Cardamom

These stuffed dates are perfect to replace energy after making exercise, to dance as a crazy person or when you feel that you need it shoots of healthy force.

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Sauce of Red Peppers

You can begin with red and hormearlos peppers or cook them to untimed fire in a frying pan. If you have haste also is well with peppers of piquillo in conserve. It has

Tostaditas crisp of Polenta

Itself extending my cereal repertoire, daring to me with new things in novel formats with the hope of which all the family welcomes my discoveries with rejoicing. Polenta

Fast and Easy pâté of Cashews

With these ingredients and a beater you can make this pâté in a matter of minutes, with a little more water leaves an exquisite seasoning for salads, you decide.

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