Vegetarian main plate prescriptions

Hamburgers of Lentils and Peanut

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These hamburgers are filled with vegetal protein, are rich in hamburger bread, within one pitta or in plan combined plate. That yes, the secret of a great vegetal hamburger is in the dressings.

Hamburgers of Lentils and Peanut2018-10-29T16: 32:25+00:00

Espaghetti de crude Calabacín with Basil

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Espaghetti had been years wanting to do these, there since some friendly taught to their cutter in spiral a sunny afternoon to me in Los Angeles by the 2005. Finally the marrows, the cutter joined themselves,

Espaghetti de crude Calabacín with Basil2018-10-29T16: 33:05+00:00

Vegetarian Moussaka

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This prescription is of the great vegetarian chef Kurma Dasa, expert in kitchen flavorful sátvica and super suckle-vegetarian. To this baked stew I to only have added some slices him of pure tomato superficially by aesthetic,

Vegetarian Moussaka2014-12-07T17: 17:35+00:00

Chick-pea curry “Chole?

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She walked short of vegetable so I put chick-peas to soaking for the food of the next day, is recommendable to eat a high protein plate as this several times to the week. The Chole, is

Chick-pea curry “Chole?2018-10-29T16: 35:18+00:00

Basic Kichadi

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This simple version of the classic plate of the ayurvédica kitchen reunites two very valuable properties: it is very easy to digest but simultaneously nutritious since the combination of rice with the divided lentils

Basic Kichadi2018-10-29T16: 35:52+00:00

Stew of Fresh Grass Persian (Gorme Sabsí)

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This prescription to the best thing makes him laugh Persian family, but she is one of the Iranian preparations that I like more so I have made this vegetarian version. There is who had added tofu or wheat gluten

Stew of Fresh Grass Persian (Gorme Sabsí)2018-10-29T16: 36:00+00:00

Princely couscous

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  Couscous, grazes of granulated wheat original of the Maghreb, is good to balance dressing gown since the generally lubrica wheat, it gives energy, and it increases the physical force. If you have kapha unbalanced

Princely couscous2018-10-29T16: 36:21+00:00

Soup of green soybean (Jewish mungo) and tomato

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The main ingredient of this soup commercializes in Spain as green soybean, also well-known as bean mungo or soybean mungo (Phaseolus aureous), really does not have anything to do with the family of the soybean

Soup of green soybean (Jewish mungo) and tomato2018-10-29T16: 36:31+00:00


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It walked with an excess of carrot in the refrigerator so in addition to carrot cake, I have made this plate where the aforeshelp one goes accompanied of bare lentils mung and games and buds of seeds

Mung-Methi-Carrot2018-10-29T16: 37:08+00:00

Rice to the Steam with Crisp Crust to the Persian style

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“Tadig? is the Persian version of socarrat Levantine, but without wanting to offend to anybody, tadig takes the bottom of pot to another level: the companions at table always fight themselves by this crisp wonder that

Rice to the Steam with Crisp Crust to the Persian style2014-08-27T13: 24:01+00:00