Banana ice cream (and nothing else)

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It is that with banana as only ingredient is possible to be made a rich and creamy super ice cream. I did not believe it either to me until I did it I myself. He raises is easiest to do…
I made the experiment because it had a few mature super bananas that did not want to throw to compost. I cut them in slices, I put them in the freezer and after 5 hours I threw them beater (that is not super powerful either) and already is. Nothing else. You would think that when congealing the banana, would be crystallized just as other fruits, nevertheless his high content about pectin causes that vegano leaves an ice cream banana, without added and creamy sugar cremosísimo.

If you know something of Ayurveda, you will know that the foods and cold drinks are not recommended for anything, to our digestive system is suitable a heated temperature to him, cold it misadjusts to him totally. It does not raise the typical milk combination with fruit is advisable either… so if you are going to break the rules, and to refresh from time to time with something cold, tomato this heladito with the empty belly and you do not feel like culprit, will seat to you better than one conventional one of strawberry.

1 bare mature great Banana (it leaves ice cream for 2 people)

It begins with mature bananas, that are sweet and soft.
Cut it in fine slices of the same size (more or less).
It puts the banana slices in a container with cover or a stock market to freeze and it guards in the freezer.
The banana must be in the freezer a minimum of 2 hours, is better if you leave it all night.
It puts the banana frozen in a food processor or powerful beater Vitamix type. Give him to “presses? several times (the option that go to the maximum speed during a pair of seconds and for) so that the banana slices are crumbled.
At the outset the texture will seem that you have frozen banana crumbs. With a spatula, it takes off the small pieces that remain in the walls of the beater.
It continues beating, the texture it will happen to be as a puree with grumos, returns to pass the spatula and it continues beating.
After awhile, it will seem pap, something smoother than before but still it is just a little bit.
The USA the spatula as before and it continues beating because now the magic begins: the last grumos will disappear and you will see how your frozen banana becomes creamy ice cream. It follows beat to air the ice cream, if you want to add to peanuts or some other rich thing, now is the moment.
Pass it to a container with cover and mételo in the freezer until it is solidified. I ate it without returning to freeze it, but he was quite blandito.

Food processor versus. beater: it seems to me that with food processor it leaves a creamy ice cream that in addition is light because it airs, I I have used one name brand Bosch of 800 watts. It is possible to be done with a glass beater but it must be powerful.
By all means that you can make more amount if it fits in your processor, but do it in turns.
Although great part of the enchantment of the prescription is in which it only requires an ingredient, is very well with 2 either 3 ingredients the more. These are some of my favorites:

A nosey spoonful of peanut butter
A honey dribble
A puñadito of drops of chocolate
Some almonds
A little Nutella
A cacao teaspoon
Average teaspoon of cinnamon, cardamom or ginger in dust

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