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Lassi is a typical milkshake of the India in which yogurt with water, some condiment is combined and sometimes, fruit, in this case the selected fruit is the succulent handle… mmmn! to only key the name opens the appetite to me. The season begins right now and I have the luck to have a friend who has a property of handle trees, so when they are mature, we put the boots… handle lassi, Mexican sauce with handle, handle poles,… only delicious handle.
When diluting yogurt with water, this one becomes super digestive, for that reason it is recommended to take lassi after each main food, lassi perfect to guarantee a good digestion it is, it is worth the redundancy, lassi digestive. But it desires a healthy dessert to you although declining, a rich breakfast or an afternoon snack energetics, this handle milkshake is what you look for.
The ayurvédicas qualities of the mature handle are sweet and warm, doshas balances the 3 and is an excellent tonificante. In addition the handle contains potassium, bioflavonoids, that stimulate the immune system, and fiber the insoluble fiber that abounds in handles helps the waste disposal of the colon and prevents the constipation.
The combination of the handle with their betacarotenos that tone the skin, the eyes and the liver with the acid flavor of yogurt will give a good one you shoots of recommendable super energy if you are tired, the yogurt point will satiate to you calming the nerves to you.
Certainly usually they do not mix milky ones with fruit, but in my opinion, all the rules it is necessary to break them 😉 from time to time But good, if after a handle lassi you feel like heavy fan and, it avoids this type of mixture or test with a vegetal milk yogurt to see how he goes to you. It is necessary to pay attention to the reaction of your body, each rule of food combination will bring about an answer different in each from us: it listens and it decides what norms you must follow with discipline and with which you can be relaxed.
In this version I give options of condiments: you can take lassi virgin immediately than the fruit, yogurt and a little water or add digestive ingredients to him as the honey, mint or cardamom, to see if thus to all it feels to us well!


1 cup (250 ml) of yogurt
2-5 cups (500 ml 1,2 ls) of water
1 handle bare and deboned and cut in cubes or slices
1 teaspoon of honey or 4 soaked dates (optional)
1-2 pinches of worn out cardamom or some small leaves of fresh mint


To throw everything to the beater, to push the button and ready to serve!

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    That good with the cardamom touch: =)
    A saludito

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