Cake of Strawberries with Cream

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Strawberries of season, cream mounted at home on a cake base that wants to be sponge cake and in addition are enriched with nuts… a dessert only for special occasions!
The strawberries are warm so they raise pitta but in this prescription balance by cold the heavy actions and of the flour of wheat and the mounted cream is seen, even so better to practice the car control and to eat this super cake in moderation.
I finish learning that the trick so that the cream mounts or is that just is removed from the refrigerator and that the earthen bowl and the beater that you use to mount it are also cold, I awhile put it everything in the freezer before beating the cream, in spite of being nascent she left to me or and as véis the result is spectacular.

310 ml flour
1 leavening teaspoon and average
a salt pinch
60 butter g
60 ml of sugar
85 ml of worn out nuts
85 ml of buttermilk (drunk milky)

Capa Superior

300 ml of cream to mount
20 ml of sugar
5 ml vanilla extract
20 ml dust milk
between 60 and 80 ml of jam of strawberries
250 grs of whole or cut mature strawberries in slices

It warms up the furnace to 200ºC
It mixes the flour and salt in a great earthen bowl, adds butter rubbing it until the mixture seems crumbs, throws the sugar and the worn out nuts.
It throws 3/4 parts of buttermilk (drunk milky) and removes until securing a mass smooth and easy to handle. If it seems to you too dry, it adds more buttermilk.
Once list, puts the mass in a detachable mold for cake of 20 cms greased of butter and assures to you that the mass covers the lateral ones of the mold with uniform way.
It puts the cake in the furnace 25 minutes or until he is doradita throughout. Remove it from the furnace, once to room temperature removes it from the mold with care.
It combines the cold cream, the sugar, vanilla and milk in dust in an earthen bowl that you have cooled previously in the freezer along with the beater to assure to us that the cream is not cut and is mounted well.
It scatters the jam of strawberries on the surface of the cake, adds the cream upon the jam and finally it places the strawberries.
It cuts and it serves!



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