Pico de Gallo Sin Colorantes


In Mexico this ensaladita eats much that takes tomato, onion and coriander it goes decorated with salt, chili and lemon, as almost everything in that one great country. That yes, lemon of is there what we called Lima here, and is worth the trouble to spend a little in throwing Lima more to him because it is authentic much more and its effect at cellular level is different that the one of the lemon, instead of acid, is sweet, so feels better to those than they lie down to overheat itself to have Pitta dosha unbalanced.
In a summery salad where the main ingredient is the tomato (that raises pitta that you do not see) any modification that is made to do it more tridóshico is good. In addition, I try to follow a sátvica diet, so to replace the asafétida onion by is super logical, sometimes I throw a cucumber to maintain the crisp touch to him and to balance the fire of the tomato with the water of the cucumber. .y verdá is that chili also me the ground to jump because although it goes me well, to the rest of the family overheats and not them so to them help with its upheavals pitta of the end of the summer when the excess of heat is accumulated in the body having caused annoyances as the eczema, ebb tides, diarrhoeas and.
But that what is this of sátvico? The sátvicos foods maintain the clear, and peacefully happy mind, in fact they help to arrive at brings back to consciousness more discharge, is the diet of the yogi. Also they contain much prana, the universal vital force that gives to life to all the beings in the kingdom animal and vegetable. In addition to being a vegetarian diet, the foods are included that prana they have more fruit and vegetable saw, cereals, vegetables, nuts. The milky ones of ecological cattle ranch, crude, fresh and without also homogenizar are in satva guna, the way of kindness, like the honey. The tinned foods are avoided process and or to which they have lain down to them chemical. A food just prepared with love is much more sátvica that defrosted precooking in the microwaves (= 0 prana). You see by where go the shots?
The case is that I serve to this pico de gallo or fresh sauce with black kidney beans, rice and guacamole and transports to us to Pretty Mexico. Each Mexican cook has her own version of this subject of gossip, so you take this prescription as purely orientative….the flavors intensify with time although I doubt that you can hope to eat it to you.

6 cut tomatos pear in daditos
1 jalapeño picadito (optional)
1/2 cup of perforated coriander
the juice of 1 files
1/4 asafétida teaspoon of
1/2 salt teaspoon

It mixes all the ingredients and it leaves this fresh sauce “rests? a pair of hours to savor a sátvico and delicious pico de gallo.

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  1. Mari carmen July 1, 2016 AT 4:54 p.m. - Reply

    What is the target that is seen in the photo? It seems onion but in the prescription I do not see it.

    • Sara July 12, 2016 AT 3:18 p.m. - Reply

      Use onion… although in Mexico this prescription yes does not take it, I use cucumber to give to the crisp touch and the flavor of the onion with himself with the magical touch of asafétida 😉

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