Vegetables rebozadas and fried Pakoras

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I already know that fritanga is not very characteristic of logicielbourse, but once a year we can be allowed the heats of the frying and the pleasures of its results… we prepared these delights for the birthday of my Nimai son and had a spectacular welcome, certainly this small cover of India are also going you to like.
In ayurveda it is considered that the fried thing is heavy to digest and for that reason always this type by plate of a salsita accompanies itself as which stimulates the digestion and we do not feel as if we had swallowed the washing machine.

Pakoras is the tempura of India, almost one national cooking passion, fried in corners of concurred streets, in restaurants of “tapeo?, at home, these fried verduritas use well I warm up. They are made type yet of vegetables cut in circle, palitos, simple form of fan or rebanaditas test to do pakoras with potatoes in slices, pieces of marrow, leaves of spinach, slices of eggplant or pumpkin, but surely those of cauliflower are most popular.

It tries to fry pakoras slowly to assure to you that the batter and the vegetable cook simultaneously.


2/3 of chick-pea flour cup
2/3 of wheat flour cup
2/3 of flour cup with leavening
2 ½ salt teaspoons
2 teaspoons of asafétida
1 ½ turmeric teaspoons
2 teaspoons of cayena
1 ½ teaspoons of worn out seeds of coriander
2 teaspoons black grain cumin (optional)
2 guindillas green fresh in fine rodajitas (optional)
2 ½ cold water cups, or what it needs to you so that the batter does not have grumos
vegetables of size of bocadito that you prefer
ghee or oil to fry

24 leave some pakoras


It combines flours, salt, the species in dust, the seeds of optional black cumin and guindillas in an earthen bowl. Mix it all good with a beater of metal hand.

With the beater it adds sufficient cold water as so that the mixture to rebozar it has the consistency of the cream. When you grease the vegetable in the mixture, it must completely be cover but the consistency must be neither heavy nor excessively liquid.
Ten flour and extra water by hand to fit the consistency.
It leaves mixture rests it between 10 and 15 minutes.

It warms up ghee or the oil in a frying pan, you need between 6 and 7 cms of depth of oil, hopes at that it arrives at about 180

It greases some 5 or 6 pieces of cauliflower in the liquid to rebozar and mételas of one in carefully in the hot oil.
Fry them until they are sea breams, assuring to give them the return to you so that they cook the same throughout.
Remove them with a skimmer and ponlas on paper from kitchen to eliminate the leftover oil.
Pakoras continues until cooking all the.