Capuccino de Moringa

This prescription takes ingredients that complement the natural flavor and the qualities of moringa. It is an alternative energetics to the capuccinos with caffein, as which they use espresso or green tea or black tea. Although it is a great drink to take in the morning and to enjoy it while you read or you write in your newspaper, also feels well to at noon give a empujoncito you without the persistent effects of caffein.
This capuccino can be enjoyed by all the doshas, although the properties of moringa (light, dry, acute, and it warms up) better are designed to balance to kapha dosha. In order to calm dressing gown, it adds a pizquita of salt. For a more tropical version and than it calms pitta, it replaces the milk of almonds by coconut milk, and uses sirope of maple instead of honey.

120 ml of milk of almonds, warm up
120 ml of filtered water, warm up
1 dust teaspoon of moringa
2 lemon juice teaspoons
1 teaspoon of honey, or to the pleasure
½ vanilla teaspoon
Pinch of pollen of bee to adorn

It warms up the water and when he is hot and it adds the dust of moringa, it tosses around until one dissolves.
It adds the juice of lemon, the honey and vanilla.
It adds the milk of almonds it warms up and it tosses around with a spoon to mix, or dále with a beater or so that milk is frothy.
It decorates with a little pollen of bee.

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