Smoothie de Piña

The spring marks the beginning of a new cycle and in addition it is the moment for loosen accumulated energy during the winter. Now the seeds of your health for the coming year stand: the longest days and the heat of sun rays always draw a smile to me. This ascent of temperatures helps to that our bodies are opened, the excess of snot leaves our system and is one of the reasons for which there are much congestion and spring colds.
We balance the winter dry cold with a heavy, humid, sweet feeding and rich in good fats and protein, nevertheless with the spring they predominate indeed the humidity and the slowness in the atmosphere, thus is moment for changing our diet so that our physiognomy does not slow down.
Perhaps our digestive capacity in spring lies down to become slower indeed by the increase of humidity in the stomach, you feel something heavier and tired of the habitual thing, of there the importance of taking foods from season: green peas, leaves (spinach, beets, rúcula…), asparagus, rabanitos, etc. Also come well the astringency to us from the lentils and small beans, the heat of ginger, the black pepper, chilis, the cinnamon, the nail and the cardamom also benefit to us.
The general rule is that the majority of your foods is droughts, light and that predominate in them the flavors astringents, bitter and sharp. To leave and to move to put that metabolism in march are also very recommendable.
This smoothie in addition to refreshing, will help you to activate the appetite, you can take it from breakfast, has tea or snack so he is super versatile. I do not know if you will know that pineapple is very nutritious thanks to its high essential and mineral vitamin content as manganesio, potassium, magnesium and until a little calcium and protein. It is a alkalinizante food that improves the digestion and calm the gastritis. If you suffer acidity or gastritis, you do not throw black pepper nor ginger to him to the milkshake.


1 water cup
1 and average cups of bare and cut pineapple in cubes
1/4 of cup of almonds soaked without skin
1 nosey spoonful of pricked fresh mint
2 teaspoons of @panela tradition
1 teaspoon of shredded ginger
1/8 of extract teaspoon hemstitch
2 ground grains of black pepper

It combines all the ingredients in a beater and goes it to you until it is homogenous. It adds more water if you want a more liquid consistency.
For an optimal digestion, serve it to room temperature.

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