Refreshment of Ginger, Basil and Lima

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Here you have the antidote to the mental slowness that gives these summery days of soporific heat. Ginger and Lima will stimulate it to your whole body and, you create it to you or no, you will return to feel radiating in spite of the outer temperature… files it, salt and the sugar will give back to the forces when replacing lost electrolytes to you through sweat, and the basil, with its slightly pungent touch, will clarify the thoughts to you.
In addition that bassoon to appetite that always we must in summer to compensate the heat that surrounds to us, also will be stimulated thanks to the digestive power of
ginger, we combined it here with other stimulating digestives as salt, the sugar and it Lima that the gastrointestinal tract reanimates lubrica to the digestive system and whole.

More than a refreshing drink this sounds to medicine, and nevertheless the result is a very rich virgin cocktail with which that summery drowsiness will vanish and you will return to be you yourself.


A puñadito of basil leaves
4 cms of fresh ginger
1 files whole
2 integral sugar teaspoons type panela or another sweetener
a salt pinch (optional)


The skin shreds of files it with a fine grater until obtaining a grating teaspoon.
It expresses files it.
It cuts ginger in small small pieces.
It throws 1 cup of water to your beater and adds the grating of Lima, ginger, the juice of Lima, the sugar and the leaves of basil.
Bat until it is a homogenous mixture.
It combines the mixture of the beater with other 3 water cups in a jar and adorns with some basil small leaves.
Pon you leave in the edge of your glass to complete the 6 flavors: candy, acre, bitter, astringent, salty acid and.

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