Cucumber refreshment

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Cucumber refreshment, prescribes anti heat

I recognize that in addition to looking for drinks anti heat, I need to find exit to our abundant cucumber harvest… years ago the cucumbers of the orchard left to us bad: yellowish, bitter, chuchurríos or directly nonexistent, rotting before at least getting to become insignificant gherkins. Nevertheless this year the thing has changed and part successfully to throw them to salads, raitas, skipped Asian and famous even beaten of cucumber, I have begun to experiment… you do not shake that the resulting concoction of this boldness is super refreshing.
The cucumber gives a sweet and fresh effect to the body, rejuvenating to us and nourishing to us after being under the heat and radiating light of the sun, in addition it takes lemon, that cleans us, thus metabolizamos the toxins that exceed to us, and the mint is tridósica (it feels us well to all), so in addition to supporting to the 3 doshas, will help to remove the excess of heat of the body. In summary, a good jar of this refreshment cucumber shaped will maintain to you all day hydrated, I I take it from the time because the cold drinks in the end, cause that the body is gotten excited more.
If you prepare this drink by the mañanita and leave give first revitalizantes rays him of the sun, you will secure a more homogenous infusion and better combined.

1/2 liter of mineral water
⅓ of cut bare cucumber in slices
the juice of 1 lemon
6 leaves of mint
black salt pinch (optional)
sugar of cane to the taste (optional)

It throws the slices of I comb to the water.
It adds the lemon juice.
It crushes the mint in just a little bit of water and adds to the jar.
Black salt throws and/or sugar if you want, will help you to replace mineral salts.

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