Elixir golden for the well-being

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With a name thus who is not going away to make this drink at home? The good thing is that of marketing nothing because really works: if you drink this infusion even fries you are going away to move away of

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Handle lassi

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Lassi is a typical milkshake of the India in which yogurt with water, some condiment is combined and sometimes, fruit, in this case the selected fruit is the succulent handle… mmmn! to only key

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Juice of blackberry with mint

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More than a juice this is a summery elixir that will lower the heats to you yes or yes. The main ingredients of this refreshing drink calm pitta dosha: some sorbitos and you will relax, you will notice that

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Refreshment of Tamarind

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This drink was the hit song of the last summer, if you happen of the alcohol or simply it desires to you to explore other areas of your palate, this virgin cocktail will not defraud to you. The tamarind with its characteristic flavor enters

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Chai Masala

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  The word masala means mixture of species, in this case the combination is to give to your tea (chai) or infusion a warm and exotic touch. My Gopi friend says that her infallible trick

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Milk of Almonds

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There is thing no richer nor easy to do that the milk of almonds….if there are it been buying, it is hour to stop because a milk just done always is going to have many more nutrients than

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Bittersweet lemonade Shikanji

2017-10-24T19: 02:21+00:00

One of the memories that better keep my taste buds from the last trip to India is lemonade that gave the mother us of our friend VK: for much heat to the north of Maharastra and

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Ginger Ale Casero

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One of the things that I am not going to forget this summer is the incessant refreshing drink search. I am very pregnant woman, the water suddenly does not satisfy me as always has done it thus

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Beaten of Yogurt and Banana Kela Lassi

2013-09-28T19: 40:53+00:00

Of the 3 main types of lassi who use in India, the candy is most popular. Nutritious, rich and fast to do, the Kela Lassi always is of season as breakfast, afternoon snack

Beaten of Yogurt and Banana Kela Lassi2013-09-28T19: 40:53+00:00