Course of Ayurveda Kitchen

Simply identifying your constitution and the one of the people who surround to you you can treat a headache without tablets, see more young person and the radiating skin you without have used make-up nor nothing, or to prevent the cold with your son with a carefully made food.

When you understand the effect that has the circadian rythm on your health, you will learn to be modifying your diet and daily routine to maintain in balance all the year to you.

All this is to your reach. In fact, I want to share with you a simple strategy of one old called science Ayurveda that it will in the right direction direct to you from already!

If you have heard speak of turmeric, you practice yoga, or you use natural oils in your personal care in addition to when kitchens already you are in the way of the Ayurveda.
The Ayurveda word, translated of the sanskrit, means “science technically of life?. It is a system of natural treatment with 5.000 years of antiquity and it teaches to you to live in harmony with the laws of the nature. It is a complete system that was developed as support to yoga to prevent diseases and to take a well-balanced life.
Nowadays we are saturated with nutritional fashions that they change constantly. The Ayurveda has a millenarian running that can help you to eliminate those excuses with which you have learned to coexist.

You will discover how to use the power of foods to cure your body, to prevent diseases and to obtain the well-being. Nowadays people see the food as sustenance, entertainment or, worse still, as the enemy. This will not have thus of being, nor thus must be.

You will identify your constitution and with her what type of feeding you must follow. Once you have this key in your hands, you will be able to eat of intuitive way although your circumstances change. The life flows and your diet must reflect this constant change.

You will improve your digestive capacity, quick Ayurveda great attention to our capacity to metabolizar indeed what we eat and gives tools to obtain it us.

You will learn to cook nutritious plates that feel to you well as unique individual at this moment of your life and at this time of the year.

We will see the smooth and loving formula to purify the body and the mind of accumulated toxins. You will know rejuvenecedores foods and nutritious, you will identify the curative medicine kit that you have in the kitchen.

“Food is Mood? (Vasant Lad), discovers how what you eat it also affects your mood.

The food feeds to us, it nourishes to us and he is one of the most effective and reasonable ways to arrive at the well-being. You can fight the inflammation, obtain a shining skin, balance your hormones, heal the intestine much more and.

What enters our body is very important because can feed diseases or fight against them.

Dinámicay learns the theoretical bases of way the Ayurveda kitchen applies them of real way in each class to determine the contents well.

It transforms your nutritional habits of practical, gradual way and coverall from the love, solving all doubts under the company of Sara Shaikh, Ayurveda Therapist and Especialista in Nutrition.


CLASS 1 Subjects:

To It eats what it feels to you well: it discovers your constitution

Introduction to the Ayurveda
5 elements
3 doshas
prakruti/vikruti: it discovers your personal constitution

Appetizer for effective digestions.
Ghee, the nectar of the Ayurveda.
Kichadi Tridóshico: medicinal plate, a hug food.
Sauces that cheer any food.
Potions: Digestive infusions for each constitution.

CLASS 2 Subjects:
B- Qualitative nutrition: the millenarian approach on the feeding.

11 laws for an optimal health
6 Flavors
10 pairs of qualities in foods

Cuida of your digestive capacity: effective and efficient metabolization

To be able digestive: agni
Toxins: it loves how one forms and how to eliminate it

Bowl of 6 Flavors: variations for each constitution
Detox soup
Prostrate oneself does Sano?
Infusion CCH agni ignites your

CLASS 3 Subjects:
D Kitchen To nourish to you.

Your Pantry organizes
Your menu organizes
Basic principles for an individualized diet:
* the similar increases the similar, the opposite ones balance
* circadian rythm: local foods and of season - what to eat according to the moment of the day
*combinación of foods: qualities against amounts


Pho 100% Vegetable
Salty crepes for each constitution
Milk Sea bream
Sauces and seasonings for all the occasions

CLASS 4 Subjects:
E- That your food is your medicine:

it travels by aromatic spices and grass
intermittent fastings
foods rasayana
the medicine kit in your kitchen


Masalas medicinal
Smoothie Ayurvédico
Smoothie bowl
Spring curry
Chai Latte

In the field near Coín in the headquarters of logicielbourse, 11:00 to 17:00 in the following the dates:

16 of March
13 of April
4 of Mayo
15 of June

The price of the complete course of 4 encounter in Coín is 400€, if it is phelp in a single payment.
The price by each session is 108€, the schedule is of 11:00 to 17:00 and it always includes a complete ayurvédica food in addition to dossier and recipe book.

SPECIAL PRICE: If you realise your reserve before the 11 of March the price of the complete course is only 290€  you must pay 100€ by transference and the rest the first day of class.

Also you can realise the payment of divided way in each encounter, the price by each session are 108€.

In order to reserve your place for the course of 4 classes in Coín:

1) It realises the payment of 100€ by transference, please it includes your name and “Ayurveda Kitchen? in the concept to this account:

Sahira Parveen Shaikh
ING. DIRECT ES12 1465 0100 9720 9875 64132

2) Send an email to me with your name, last names and phone number.


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