Class of Vegana Kitchen of India 26 of January 2019

My classes of kitchen are totally practical and dynamic, a pleasant way to spend the morning being learned different prescriptions and a new approach over the feeding.

In this class we will apply ayurvédicos principles to create a healthful complete menu for the winter.
We will use spices to give flavor and to turn our food into medicine.
We will taste everything what we prepare and we will speak envelope what feeding agrees to him to each individual constitution.

The Menu:
Crisp Pakoras de Coliflor
Dhaniya Chatni (Salsita de Cilantro)
Bombay Bataka (Potatoes in the style of Mumbai)
Fragrante Pilaf de Arroz Basmati
Rasam (Soup of Toor Lentils in the style of the South)

On me: Of Basque mother and father punjabi, there am servant between the aromas of garam masala, cumin and the pepper eating rice basmati and dal from the childhood. With the discovery and study of the Ayurveda, that gives great importance to follow a customized feeding, my passion by the healthful kitchen acquired sense. In these classes of kitchen I share that enthusiasm by the alchemy to create delicious medicinal plates that they feed the body and the soul.

Reduced groups of 8 people.
40€ per person, includes recipe book and food.
The classes are realised in the field, near Coín. We begin the 11:00 and we finished on the 16:00

Reserve now is few places!

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