irresitible sponge cake

2019-03-06T12: 59:42+00:00

Most interesting of this sponge cake it is that he is VERY RICO, the fact that does not take gluten and is vegano are extra interesting, I do not deny it, but without sacrificing nor a bit of flavor.

irresitible sponge cake2019-03-06T12: 59:42+00:00

Stuffed dates to the Cardamom

2019-03-06T13: 22:36+00:00

These stuffed dates are perfect to replace energy after making exercise, to dance as a crazy person or when you feel that you need it shoots of healthy force. They put the Earth feet to you,

Stuffed dates to the Cardamom2019-03-06T13: 22:36+00:00

Truffles of Carob bean, the Coco and Cacahuete

2019-03-06T13: 23:45+00:00

These truffles always are much successful, the wonderful thing is that they are easy to prepare and healthier that other desserts. I must say that it leaves from the magic is in doing you yourself the cream of

Truffles of Carob bean, the Coco and Cacahuete2019-03-06T13: 23:45+00:00

Delight of Amaranth, calentito breakfast

2018-11-29T17: 44:55+00:00

I am extending my cooking repertoire, I want to break some routines of my kitchen so I am trying to incorporate new ingredients in the familiar menu with the purpose of to find more nutrients in new sites. The amaranth,

Delight of Amaranth, calentito breakfast2018-11-29T17: 44:55+00:00

Muffins de Manzana

2018-10-29T16: 28:10+00:00

After years to make my traditional magdalenas of banana, I have ventured myself to discover new horizons seaman stewards, and I am glad to communicate to you that bravery has been worth the trouble: these muffins are rich, spongy and

Muffins de Manzana2018-10-29T16: 28:10+00:00

Handle lassi

2018-10-29T16: 29:19+00:00

Lassi is a typical milkshake of the India in which yogurt with water, some condiment is combined and sometimes, fruit, in this case the selected fruit is the succulent handle… mmmn! to only key

Handle lassi2018-10-29T16: 29:19+00:00

Truffles of Gokulada Carob bean

2018-10-29T16: 30:38+00:00

These truffles are going to you to enchant, and above they are rapidísimas to very do, perfect for those gluttonous attacks in the afternoon and resultonas as gift to dear people;) I have been reducing the amount of

Truffles of Gokulada Carob bean2018-10-29T16: 30:38+00:00

You trumpet Crisp of Oats

2018-10-29T16: 34:46+00:00

Memory to have never had an equal victory when preparing a candy, for the first time did not have been time wanting to do some you trumpet of crisp cereals to the Anglo-Saxon style, that throw more towards the healthy snack that

You trumpet Crisp of Oats2018-10-29T16: 34:46+00:00

Cake of Strawberries with Cream

2013-05-07T20: 09:00+00:00

Strawberries of season, cream mounted at home on a cake base that wants to be sponge cake and in addition are enriched with nuts… a dessert only for special occasions! The strawberries are warm so they raise pitta

Cake of Strawberries with Cream2013-05-07T20: 09:00+00:00