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2019-01-05T19: 05:03+00:00

It means fire in sanskrit and it has multiple meanings. In Ayurveda when we spoke of agni we talked about to the cellular intelligence that determines what substances enter to comprise of our weaves and cells and of

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Everything to the Tandoori Tandoori Everything!

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Everything to the Tandoori - Tandoori everything Preparé a jar of Tandoori Masala the other day, left best. It is the condiment that traditionally is put to him to the plates that cook in a furnace of

Everything to the Tandoori Tandoori Everything!2019-01-05T19: 01:00+00:00

irresitible sponge cake

2019-03-06T12: 59:42+00:00

Most interesting of this sponge cake it is that he is VERY RICO, the fact that does not take gluten and is vegano are extra interesting, I do not deny it, but without sacrificing nor a bit of flavor.

irresitible sponge cake2019-03-06T12: 59:42+00:00

Ayurveda = Radiating Health

2019-01-01T19: 27:31+00:00

Here you have an introductory chat to the Ayurveda that dí in the Festival of Naturopatía that was celebrated in Fuengirola in February, 2018. The Ayurveda is the key to the self-knowledge, and therefore, to a balance

Ayurveda = Radiating Health2019-01-01T19: 27:31+00:00

Indian Vegan Cookery Class January 19th 2019

2018-12-09T02: 03:22+00:00

Start to year with an aromatic adventure into authentic plant-based Indian Cookery. We'll creates our to you own spice blends in order to cook to full local, seasonal meal Indian using vegetables and discuss the Ayurvedic principles

Indian Vegan Cookery Class January 19th 20192018-12-09T02: 03:22+00:00

Indian Vegan Cookery Classes Autumn 2018

2018-11-29T17: 43:49+00:00

This Autumn we'll sees applying Ayurvedic cooking principles to vegan cuisine from around the world. Join for me these fun and informative classes, each 3 hour workshop is followed by to sit-down meal. Saturday November

Indian Vegan Cookery Classes Autumn 20182018-11-29T17: 43:49+00:00

Classes of Vegana Kitchen of India Autumn 2018

2018-11-29T17: 43:55+00:00

My classes of kitchen are totally practical and dynamic, a pleasant way to spend the morning being learned different prescriptions and a new approach over the feeding. In these classes we will apply ayurvédicos principles to create

Classes of Vegana Kitchen of India Autumn 20182018-11-29T17: 43:55+00:00

Salad of Buds of Soybean

2019-03-06T13: 14:34+00:00

The ideal is to germinate the green soybean or lentils only enough mung, that only shows the buds because thus they maintain the flavor astringent and they will follow crisp. When you leave buds grow them more,

Salad of Buds of Soybean2019-03-06T13: 14:34+00:00

Capuccino de Moringa

2019-03-06T13: 15:34+00:00

This prescription takes ingredients that complement the natural flavor and the qualities of moringa. It is an alternative energetics to the capuccinos with caffein, as which they use espresso or green tea or black tea.

Capuccino de Moringa2019-03-06T13: 15:34+00:00

Factory of Vegana Kitchen of India 16 of June

2018-05-31T17: 49:29+00:00

It learns the magic of spices in this interactive factory where we will prepare a complete menu for the spring according to the recommendations of the Ayurveda. Menu: Kobi pachadi, salad of cabbage and peanut especiada/dal Mung badas,

Factory of Vegana Kitchen of India 16 of June2018-05-31T17: 49:29+00:00