Apple Cooked with Nail

I present a new concept to you for your mañanera routine, neither coffee, nor green milkshake nor lukewarm water with lemon. No, something more novel: a cooked apple. At the most near the moment for rising to you you take it, better. You can put the apple to cook while you shower to you and thus your busy rate will not be affected. If it does not give time you to peel the apple, cook it with skin but you do not take the skin since it is difficult to digest in the morning, it thinks that while you sleep the stomach activity slows down and takes a time in returning to put itself to top. In ayurveda always the metaphor is used that compares the stomach with a fire: if you wanted to ignite a fire, you would not begin with fat trunks but with fine palitos, in the same way we must leave our digestion awakes before giving him eaten heavier, for that reason a crude apple will seat to us better at the end of the morning or in the evening. The warm and digestive qualities of the nail open the circulatory channels of the body without overheating it. You will already see the good that feels this mañanera manzanita to you.

If you have a flaming digestive system, you can try with a pear instead of apple, those of 2 slower digestions can add cms of cinnamon in branch.


½ water cup
2 nails of scent
1 apple median, better of a rather sweet variety as Golden Delicious, Finery, Fuji or Pink Lady


It puts to the water and the nails of scent to boil in cacito while you peel the short apple and it in small small pieces.
It throws the apple to the dipper with hot water, leaves it boils, pon the cover and it leaves boils to fire under about 5 minutes or until the apple soft and transparent but is not made puree.

It slips the apple and eats it to you as soon as one cools off.

The liquid you can take it as infusion, or support of your oats, for example.

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