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Sara Shaikh, Ayurveda Therapist and Experta in nutritionlogicielbourse.net was born in the 2009 from desire to share the well-being that arises to take a lifestyle in harmony with the rates of the nature. Her creator, Sara Shaikh, finished wearing for the first time themselves as mother and that vital change at the time precipitated many other new features to day and all of them lead to want to be better to raise better. To take a full life of color, but without colouring (nor preservatives).

Sara is Ayurveda Therapist Graduated through the School Ayurveda Andalusia in a year 2015 and she has specialized in Ayurveda Nutrition with a course in the High Hopes Institute de Kolhapur, India.
In addition to transmitting his knowledge on holistic nutrition through this Web, also it realises dynamic and practical actual factories of kitchen and actual courses on Ayurveda, all this in the province of Malaga.

It discovered the millenarian science of the Ayurveda in the 2006 in India, and since then it has not stopped to investigate this integral discipline that looks for the harmony through balance between the five elements of which we are made up and its manifestation in our surroundings.
It has lived the Ayurveda at the time to day and has verified his effectiveness as much of routine way as realising deep treatments in Europe and India. Through studying same, we applied the bases to us of this science of life to be in tune with the beautiful cyclical dance of the nature.

Been born in London from Spanish mother and father from India, Sara is servant with great affinity by the Asian culture and with a strong vocation by the communication. Its experience in mass media has taken to him to travel by the world: it was during his stage in California that opened to the alternative therapies and the taste by the quality over the amount.

At the moment the south lives in on Spain, where it has chosen to influence to that they surround it with his knowledge on the sátvica life, teaching the way to the reconexión with our internal wisdom through coaching in wellness, his classes of kitchen vegana, in addition to the transforming factories and retirements that it organizes.