It means fire in sanskrit and it has multiple meanings. In Ayurveda when we spoke of agni we talked about to the cellular intelligence that determines what substances enter to comprise of our weaves and cells and what substances we undo.
This is applied so much to our feeding as to the things that happen to us. I remain with the evil roll of the bad-tempered gentleman who looks to me bad in the tail of the supermarket? or I inhale and change deeply the chip? The emotions also it has to digest them, to transform them and to integrate them.
It exhales and lets go it…
Sight thus, is not surprising that in Ayurveda is considered that agni decreased is the cause of all the physical and psychic malaises. A little while, it reads that phrase again: agni decreased is the cause of all the physical and psychic malaises. So to take care of and to pamper agni it is of maximum importance to be well.
The AGNI concept is one of the subjects that we will see in the actual course AyurvedaLife that begins the 17 of February, in the Malagan campito. It consists of 4 encounter, one to the month so that you are integrating new habits little by little and accompanied by my! An honor: I take studying Ayurveda from the 2006 and have verified its effectiveness at all the levels. You can read more on the course and me in They are few places and is discount if you score before the 15 of January.

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