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Sauce of Red Peppers

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You can begin with red and hormearlos peppers or cook them to untimed fire in a frying pan. If you have haste also is well with peppers of piquillo in conserve. There are variations on this subject in several cultures

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Tostaditas crisp of Polenta

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Itself extending my cereal repertoire, daring to me with new things in novel formats with the hope of which all the family welcomes my discoveries with rejoicing. Polenta eats much in the north of

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Fast and Easy pâté of Cashews

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With these ingredients and a beater you can make this pâté in a matter of minutes, with a little more water leaves an exquisite seasoning for salads, you decide. This type of DIP or pâté is

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Pesto of fresh grass to the lemon

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Taking advantage of the last leaves basil before the cold takes them! Pesto is surprising easy to prepare while you respect the proportions between fruits droughts, fresh small leaves and olive oil… when

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Fresh lumpias

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The healthy, fresh and crisp version of famous fried rolls of spring… I discovered them in a Thailander restaurant in Berkeley (California) thousand years ago, we requested them of 10 in 10 and we crammed down them to us with

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Activated almonds and Cashews

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The almonds and the cashews activated after being to soaking consider rejuvenecedores foods in the Ayurveda. The activated almonds are very nutritious, they give energy you and they put the feet to you on the Earth. When

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Appetizer of Ginger, You leave and Lemon

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This “appetizer? is a classic prescription of the Ayurveda that prepares your digestive system for the food that will come later. Doctor Robert Svoboda, says that ginger wakes up the taste buds, clean the mouth and

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Pico de Gallo Sin Colorantes

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In Mexico this ensaladita eats much that takes tomato, onion and coriander - it goes decorated with salt, chili and lemon, as almost everything in that one great country. That yes, the lemon of is there

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Vegetables rebozadas and fried Pakoras

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I already know that fritanga is not very characteristic of logicielbourse, but once a year we can be allowed the heats of the frying and the pleasures of its results… we prepared these delights for the birthday

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