Spring soup of Peas and Rice to the Lemon

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In spite of the ascent of temperatures, still there are spring nights in which what it desires more it is to have dinner one sopita hot, and this one is good showcase of the peas that leave in this season, I I took those that it had in the orchard, but I leave you you use congealed if there is no another one. By the way, for the photo I also threw asparagus, another spring vegetable that combines very either with the other ingredients and feels or to dressing gown, pitta and kapha by its properties diuretic astringents, demulcentes and.
If you have a rice done, this plate is prepared in a moment: you warm up the broth and you add the others to last hour. the citruses enchant to me and my great cooking discovery of the last times is the grating of lemon, mmmn, adds a dimension turned yellow without being too bitter that to fascinate to me. But it is possible that we do not agree in this, so it tries to put half of the lemon juice to begin, and if you like, you always can add the rest.
According to Ayurveda the lemon balances the heavy effect of the rice and peas, being one sopita tridóshica, that is to say, good for all.

1 spoonful of oil
1/2 asafétida teaspoon of
4 cups of vegetable broth
2 water cups
2 lemons, clear the grating and exprímelos to them (cup will leave 1/2 to you juice)
3 nosey spoonfuls of mint: it separates 2 spoonfuls on the one hand
2 cups of rice done
2 cups of peas
1 salt teaspoon

It warms up the oil to average fire in a pot of medium size.
The asafétida one throws, when it gives off his aroma, moves the pot so that it does not stick to the bottom and it adds to the broth of vegetable and the water.
The fire raises, when it boils, lowers it but that the liquid follows low boiling.
It adds half of the juice of lemon, the grating of lemon, 2 spoonfuls of mint, salt and removes it everything.
The rice throws and the peas, leave soup it returns to boil to untimed fire.

The only thing that is to decide if you want to put the rest of the lemon and mint, proves it to see. When you have finished seasoning, you extinguish the ready fire and.

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