Cucumber salad

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We have already spoken of the refreshing properties of the cucumber to the being so good to balance the excess of pitta would have to be protagonist forced of your refrigerator in summer. It will alleviate the thirst to you and it will improve your breath, she is the best friend of your skin and, in case outside little, the inhalation of its infusion has a nice anti-stressful effect () I have several favorite salads with cucumber as main ingredient, we began with which not for being rapidita and simple to prepare she is less delicious. You take this prescription as inspiration, for example, in Mediterranean plan you can add to cheese feta and tomatos cherry or if you change to the seasoning putting tamari and toasted sesame oil to give a more Eastern touch… what it desires more.

2 nosey spoonfuls of virgin extra olive oil
1 nosey spoonful of juice of lemon just expressed
1/4 of salt teaspoon
3 nosey spoonfuls of perforated coriander
1 spoonful of perforated parsley
1/2 cup of cut red peppers in finite slices
1/2 cup of cut green peppers in finite slices
1 nosey spoonful of sesame seeds
3 bare and cut cucumbers with peeler (they leave wide and fine slices)
Leaves of fresh mint to decorate

It toasts the sesame seeds until to secure a golden tone and to leave a side until they cool off.
It combines the first five ingredients in a salad bowl and mixes it with a hand beater well.
It both adds types of peppers, the cucumber and sesame to the salad bowl
It mixes vegetables with the seasoning smoothly and decorates with the mint leaves.


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If you want to know more on Ayurveda or you want to prove other rich vegetarian prescriptions, walk you by this Web, certainly you find inspiration.

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