Raita of cucumber

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Raita of cucumber, the Indian cousin of tsatsiki Greek or Persian mastajiar, calm Dressing gown and raises Pitta and Kapha slightly but all we can take it without danger from time to time some. It accompanies or to almost all the curries, dals and other plates of India, is rich as sauce in which to wet a bread of pitta or surrounded in a lettuce leaf, in healthy super plan.
This ensaladita of yogurt with cucumber is good way to calm the palate if it goes accompanied of an sharp plate. Although the initial effect of yogurt is the one to cool, once in the stomach it activates the gastric juice or agni and warms up the metabolism.
One raita made with yogurt and vegetables just cut and species will serve to activate or to calm the metabolism following the ingredients that we use, some popular variants are raita of beet and the one of banana, already I will put prescriptions, you do not worry.


250 grs of yogurt (better caretaker)
40 grs of cucumber
1 gengibre shredded or 1/4 fresh nosey spoonful of teaspoon of gengibre in dust
1/8 of turmeric teaspoon
1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper
10 grs cortadito fresh coriander

It combines all the ingredients in an earthen bowl and mixes until it is homogenous.


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