Spring salad with Strawberries

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Some it will surprise to them to throw strawberries to a salad, but I assure you that the result you will like and you will not be able to resist to from now on throw some strawberries to any salad. The spinach by rúcula can be replaced or any mixture of green leaves, I like the resistance that contribute these two options to the flavor of the strawberries. If you are veganos, you clear the cheese and the plate will be equal of rich and nutritious thanks to the inclusion of the almonds and sesame. It enchants to add something to me of fruit and fruits droughts to my salads, add new textures in addition to nutritional value already you know that the ayurvédica recommendation is always to put the fruits droughts to soaking before consuming them since the activation of you raise facilitates its digestion.
According to Ayurveda, the properties of the strawberries and the spinach balance mutually so to join them in this spring salad it is good idea. As much the almonds as sesame are rejuvenecedores according to ayurveda but you have the slow, better digestion not to skip the passage of the soaking of the almonds, and if you suffer of excess of Pitta it eliminates sesame because the strawberries already are quite pitagénicas and we do not want to overheat itself. The seasoning is simple but in addition to flavor it will help to that you absorb the nutrients of this spring ensaladita well.

1/2 asafétida teaspoon of (optional)
2 nosey spoonfuls of juice of lemon just expressed
2 nosey spoonfuls of virgin olive oil
225 grs of spinach or rúcula
150 grs of ecological strawberries in slices
20 grs of almonds in slices or soaked and pricked whole almonds
50 grs of cheese of goat in small pieces
25 grs of black seeds of sesame
Salt to the pleasure


It mixes the olive oil, the asafétida one and the juice of lemon in a salad bowl, tosses around until the seasoning is homogenous.
It throws the green leaves, strawberries, almonds, cheese and sesame.
Mézlalo all and ready!

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  1. Cristina April 26, 2013 AT 4:16 p.m. - Reply

    Wow, if the truth is that it has surprised to me that the salad takes strawberries, but the truth is that it has an incredible dot.

    I am wishing to prove it!

    Cristina Around a tea cup

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