Canary grass asparagus with Mustard and Tarragon

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We are in Kapha season, the humidity reigns in our surroundings and with the arrival of the spring the body begins to metabolizar accumulated fats during the winter. The ideal is to follow a season diet, and the harvest of this time is of light vegetables and green intense. As much the asparagus as tarragon is diuretic and tarragon in addition is warm and bitter, it purifies the blood helping us to replace the blood suspended winter by spring fresh blood. I confess to be addict the wheat dealer, mainly to the plate, crisp on the inside but done by outside. The too much done and doughy wheat dealers are a crime.
This preparation is rapidita and the asparagus go accompanied of pungent ingredients that stimulate the digestion as the black pepper, tarragon and the mustard, in this homemade case, the prescription courtesy of Different Audrey Azzaro de Vivir in Family. The juice and grating of lemon and the olive oil in addition to saborazo animate the body to want to clean itself. We happen to the action:

500 grs of canary grass asparagus without the fibrous part of the end
2 olive oil teaspoons

For the mustard sauce:
1/4 of cup of soaked mustard seeds during 8 hours
1/2 lemon juice cup
9 dates without bone
2 nosey spoonfuls of tamari
1/4 of teaspoon of ground fresh pepper
1/8 of teaspoon of lemon grating
2 teaspoons of tarragon
1 olive oil teaspoon

To warm up the plate or frying pan with the olive oil, to skip the asparagus until they take intense a green color, the exact time depends on the thickness of the asparagus. That they are crisp on the inside but not excessively crude.
For the sauce, first we washed and we clarified the soaked mustard seeds, we threw them to the cup of a beater and add the juice of lemon, the dates and tamari. We beat until securing a homogenous mass, this mustard is conserved in glass container in the refrigerator up to 2 months.
We take a nosey spoonful of the homemade mustard and we combined it in an earthen bowl with the pepper, the grating of lemon, the tarragon and the olive oil. We beat everything and the sauce is ready to throw on the asparagus.



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