Salad of Avocado and Orange

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I am not very of salads in winter by that one of which it stops to balance the cold climate that surrounds to us is advisable to take plates calentitos. According to the millenarian ayurvédica philosophy, an excess of salads and cold meals at this time of the year can cause digestive problems to us, more colds and congestion by that one of which the crude thing is more difficult to digest and what it does not digest well, becomes toxins. Nevertheless I am surrounded by oranges and avocados, are everywhere, are of season and they enchant to me. Me as the oranges as the Monster of Cakes of District Sesame devoured cookies now and there am shortage that combines wonderfully with the smooth avocado, another one of my weaknesses. In addition this salad takes rúcula, a very digestive grass that helps to metabolizar and is of pungent flavor so it balances the coldness and slowness of the avocado. What I do so that does not go away to me the dressing gown by clouds is to take the salad me with an infusion or to decorate it with a calentito oil seasoning with gengibre, that helps to digest better the salad and causes that we absorb better anti-carcinogenic nutrients as lycopenes and the alpha and beta-carotenes.
You do not exceed with this ensaladita while it is cold, but certainly you like the dance of flavors that will create in your mouths.

It serves: 4

3 bare table Oranges and in gores
2 Hass cut bare Avocados in fine rodajitas
1 Manojo de Rúcula

For the seasoning:
1/2 finite centimeter of gengibre fresh shredded
1 spoonful of juice of lemon just expressed
3 spoonfuls of virgin extra olive oil (to warm up a little if it is wanted)
salt and pepper to the pleasure

Pon rúcula as it bases of the salad and it above places the slices of avocado and oranges.
It mixes the ingredients of the seasoning, throws it on the salad… and to eat!

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  2. Isabel January 14, 2016 AT 12:46 p.m. - Reply


    Thanks to my sister Paula there am shortage your blog and he enchants to me. Very useful. Thank you very much.
    I have one doubts with the avocado that with himself not to clarify in Internet because I see contradictory information. Please you can tell me if the avocado, including the bone (I finish discovering all benefits) is a alcalinizante or acid food. Thanks so much. A greeting

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